How secured our personal information is ?

#FBIvsApple :

Indeed it always became very necessary for PDA users like us to dump all our information to our smartphone which became crucial for smartphone manufactures to protect the personal devices from un-interpreted threats most of the smartphone companies had to rigorously work to provide high end privacy to smartphones but with the recent incident happened & FBI (#fbivsapple) suing a federal case against the Apple Inc where #Apple Inc was unable to bypass the #Iphone passcode owned by a dead terrorist. Where the passcode is encrypted & which is unable to decrypt by third party even by the manufactures. This matter brought #smartphone companies  to such a confused state that mobile companies are totally disturbed & thinking whether to have the encrypted privacy feature for the smartphones or to totally avoid that feature. Finally FBI took help from third party to crack the passcode & dig the complete data from the IPhone.

Fake Tax Filing :

There were also incidents happened that online hackers hacked the tax filing consultancy’s online ERP systems & hacked thousands of  tax filers profiles & in turn hackers submitted the fake tax returns to #IRS to get the returns. I think tax filing consultancies to have the utmost security to their internal systems. The most possible option would be to encrypt the Information being sent by tax filers.

Protect Your Social Security Information :

With the increased hackers attack it became very important to protect the personal sensitive data. I think it’s very important to maintain the privacy with regards to sensitive information. We corporate guys are shopping lovers & go to many malls even sometimes forget where did we purchase & all we bought. There are many cases we needed to share the personal data DOB, Physical Address, Phone Number & sometimes even the SSN (Social Security Number). Whenever we get in to the billing counter in  shopping malls the guy at billing counter insists us to take an offer card or credit card which adds some points or give discounts to us after an every purchase. He gives us an application form & ask us to write down our details the biggest mistake we ever do is writing down the #SSN number over there. We should never share the SSN details to anyone if needed to share our other details we should always directly enter it in the system where it is encrypted & to make sure the system where we’re entering the details is an authorized & protected one.

Fake calls on remittance & Tax :

Now a days there are fake calls coming in & most of the people in US are threatened by muggers calling from unauthorized numbers. They call by saying they are from police or US Tax department. They hack our details from social media sites or from somewhere where we shared our Information. They force not to disconnect the calls if do so they will take necessary action by immediately arresting us & they give some nonsense reason saying “You have problem in your VISA”. This is specifically for students with F1 VISA & Working professional they say “You haven’t paid the tax for the amount you transferred through remittance to your country”. Couple of guys got these kind of call, One guy scared & didn’t go out from the home for 2 days. One person lost 2000$ (USD), They ask us to come to an unknown place or ask us to transfer money to their nonsense accounts to resolve the fake problems. Better to avoid such kind of calls & immediately intimate these stuffs to employer we work.

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