My appetite & my cooking skill being a bachelor in US !!

While getting accommodation with married bachelor flat mates in US, One thing I’ve learnt after coming here was cooking. I was null in cooking before. It was in beginning when I came here I used to take 2 hours to prepare Upma (Uppittu) only one thing I knew absolutely was “Poha” (Avalakki). Believe it or not recently I successfully received a certification from my flat mates that I prepare yummy “Paneer Curry”, Really I studied very hard to clear this exam :). If you’re a vegetarian then you’re a gone case. Myself eat raw chopped vegetables, some dry fruits & nuts every afternoon, It continued nearly a month. 

Whenever I starts preparing “Veg Biryani” it used to become “Kichadi”. But one thing I suggest to any bachelor travelling to US for a long term assignment must have the necessary skill as “Cooking” in their profile, First questions when you call to any Indian for shared accommodation in US they ask is “Do you know cooking” if your answer is NO then the reply would be “Will let you know about the accommodation” & you would never receive the calls back. Hopefully with the power of social media there are many YouTube channels came up & where our budds watch those to learn cooking. 

Sometimes I used to say what the hell these guys are doing getting their Laptop & IPad to kitchen whenever they’re cooking. Someone said no dude we are taking the Lapy & IPad not to do the office work in kitchen but we're actually watching the YouTube videos for recipe. Some guys are brilliant they carry hell lot of homemade masala, pickle, chutney while they are travelling. Some people even me carried 1 KG dry Toor Dal, Raw Rice I thought that I would survive at least for a week :). But my prediction was wrong since I knew only preparing rice but didn’t know well how to prepare Dal. Finally struggled hard to learn. When I was in my high school one of my teacher always to used ask everyday exactly at 1 PM “Are you guys hungry ? If you are hungry we can skip the class because ‘Phele Potoba baadh me Vitobha’.

One day I tried preparing a “PanCake” after taking out from the oven I gave it to my flat mates they eat it but they thought it as “Roasted Bread” they didn’t know that it was a “Cake”. Now I’m expert in preparing the below stuffs without taking help from anyone,Which shaped my body as a family pack :). I think I could survive with these anywhere.
  • Rajma Curry
  • Palak Paneer
  • Dal Curry + Rice
  • Veg fried rice
  • Poha, Upma
  • Dosa
  • Also “Veg Biryani” which sometimes becomes “Kichadi”. (Kya karna ! sometime adjust karna padtha bhai).

But I never tried doing experiment on preparing "Roti or Chapathi", Since my ultimate appetite is on "Jowar Roti"  I accustomed to use frozen "Roti & Parata". With this everyday I make smoke detector to make some noise at my Kitchen. When smoke detector sound horns at least one of my room mate say "Arey bhai kya kar raha ho, Thoda dehke karo". Always my polite reply would be ready to them " Dhek ke hi kar ranhu bhai" 

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