Why I'm a Lead ? Intelligent Factors !!

To be able to enable & emerge as a Leader mentoring & coaching is more important than anything else. Each of us have the Leadership skill but the effective Leadership is being transparent & creating the unterrified environment. Predicting & imparting to the team about clear picture on what happens next, where people within the team are having the privilege to share their feedback without any hesitation. 

                                                       Always be careful about the outside wolves & odds who try to create the commanding environment & try to take control over the team. Leader must hold control over the crisis but not on the people, Understanding the crisis situation & act accordingly doesn't matter how others react to your actions. One day I’ll share my experience on the crisis situation, how I overcame the crisis & built the personal brand strategy in the client location. One thing I remember is effective leaders always motivate & inspire their team. Leaders Job is not just self-growing but also a coaching !!.

To be able to Lead, Leader must be an intelligent, following intelligent factors a Lead must hold. A Lead should be having mentors, He must priorities his mentors in all the below areas.

Technology Intelligence :

Today’s Leaders must be Technology Leaders either we’re at the service based sector or product based, We must keep us update ourselves with the current trends in Technology in order to provide robust technology services. We should be quick in understanding the technology & delivering the services effectively. Leader must be talented in technology landscape on where he is working.

Operational Intelligence :

Leader must be an hands on expertise on innovative processes areas, For example ITIL,CMDB & Change Management, Release & Deployment management also project management methodologies PMP or PRINCE2, Agile, Six Sigma . Leader must continuously coach his team on all the above areas to be able to provide better support to the businesses.

Communication Intelligence :

This is one of the very important factor, Where designated leader fails & inborn leader succeeds. Leader must be proactive in communicating, Email communication plays a major role whereas content management in the email communication is an art but it can be learnt with proper mentoring. My mentor always used to coach me on this, Every time whenever I writes a very important email where senior officials or leader are marked he used to say me “Shiva, always write email & put in a draft mode but do not release or trigger the email out of the email box rather go for a cup of coffee or tea come back after sometime & read the draft you will find lots of difference, Make changes & then release the email. Don’t be hurry, take your own time”. Because our job is not to communicate in hurriedly but to communicate effectively.

If you look at the agile based project ecosystem scrum master acts a Leader most of the times. Most of the scrum master gets the outside force but being a firewall, Scrum Master should always protect his team from outside “wolves”.  Every team always be get inspired by the scrum master & every team member should be self-motivated. It’s the scrum master responsibility to coach the team to be transparent & to be aware about the outside “wolves”. Scrum Master should be capable enough to hold the control over crisis situation & skillful enough to build long term relationship with Product Owner & Chief Product Owner. Periodic meeting with Product Owner & scrum team would help bridge the gap & team would protected from the “wolves”.

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