Drones - The inspiration from flying saucers ! Futuristic Pizza Delivery !!

Recently the world leader in pizza, "Dominos" has launched a “One touch pizza Order” system  with this you would receive your favorite pizza at your door step on a click of a button but here a delivery boy would bring the pizza but “Futuristic Pizza Delivery” would be depending on the drones.  Have you heard about the flying saucers?

                                                        Yes we all heard & read the stories on the flying saucers. Drones are called as man-made flying saucers. These drones will be having the built in GPS tracking system as well as camera so that each & every movement in drone can easily be captured & tracked at the monitoring center. Controlling station can control & guide the drones to reach the exact destination. There are some regulatory issues with respect to  drones to fly operationally. Government, Drone manufacturers & Drone usage vendors need to come up with a conclusion on at which altitude all the drones should fly & which shouldn’t disturb the ATC – Air Traffic controlling system for flights & aircraft.

In coming days these Drones are going to come up with much more capability having built in robotics & sensor devices. With this we would expect high speed in delivery in lower cost. With the increased population, we're seeing huge growth in transportation sector & high demand for faster delivery but which is not expected due to the high volume in road traffic.

                  Hence there is an increased expectation set to utilize the air transportation system. But there is also a disadvantage from these Drones, Since these drones are available in lower cost many individual people can purchase & drones usage would increase in millions so the government would put restriction for drones on household or individual usage & can allow only for authorized & regulated usage. There are also toy drones available in the online marketplace, Kids can enjoy flying those.

Drones are going to cover & assist in many of the sectors.

1.    Military & Police
2.    Fire Safety Stations.
3.    Food Delivery, Hospitality & Healthcare.
4.    Postal services & Courier industry.

Drones are also facing couple of constraints.

1.    Current drones cannot carry heavy items.
2.    Drones needs long battery backup.
3.    Drones cannot fly longer distances.
4.    Sometimes the weather conditions & natural calamity impacts flying Drones.

There're drones available in the online marketplace which have already replaced your selfie stick & takes your selfies in whichever the angle you want.  Amazone is currently working on a project called “Amazone prime air”. This is a future package delivery system from Amazone, Where they are designing the drones to safely deliver the packages within the 30 minutes of the online order put in by the online customers. Once it starts from the source location this Drone can travel up to 50 miles.

                                            Currently the Drones are being used for shooting videos & surveillance system in big auditoriums during bigger conferences & mega events. Recently DUBAI has hosted a competition worth a prize of $ 1 Million where Drones from across world had to demonstrate their capability.

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