Kids are most Agile Guys, I Always like to play with Kids

When people started ignoring me avoiding me, I started becoming very closer to kids. I always like to play with kids, kids are most brilliant buds. You can’t teach anything to them because they will teach us. Last time in a family day a very beautiful baby gal was playing in a corridor, I went at her and touched her cheek and said you are world’s most beautiful baby gal, immediately turned back and saw a pretty girl equal age to me. She was looking at me with a harsh look, She was looking at me as if I was telling to her.

Kids are most brilliant guys, Never play yank  them down, I was playing with another baby girl in the same family day and I was telling to her to not go outside the hall and far away from us, suddenly she replied to me uncle, uncle my foot ball thrown outside, can you please help me to get that uncle. We were surrounded by a crowed and bunch of girls were standing near to us started laughing at me when they heard a little baby sounding at me as uncle. So never yank the kids down otherwise they will make you double elder than what you are today.

One more incident I want to share here, there was Samanvaya meet where our colleagues came with their kids. A little baby was getting in to the lift alone and we stopped her saying why you are getting to the lift alone and said come with us will go by stairs, She suddenly replied ‘No I will go by lift only, because it will go faster’ because they think faster than us. Kids are like flowers,  Never hurt a flower if you pick up the flower it cease to be what you love, Love is never about possession, Love is all about appreciation.

Let me share with you few of the twist questions by kids, Kids normally ask questions like.

When was the world born? How stones and sand were born? Who was the first person took a birth on this earth?  How many starts are present in the sky ? Where moon goes in morning, and where is it’s home ?

Whenever you are going somewhere and where kids are there, don’t ever keep your pocket or wallet empty. Because when you meet kids first they search in your pocket or wallet .Always have some tasty chocolates and they like you always, then they stops calling you as uncle or aunt. 

When I was kid if someone asks me what you want to become when you become an elder, I always used to tell I want become Airplane driver (not a pilot). I was coming from Srisailm to Hyderabad in a bus most of the seats were blocked and everybody sitting like, We were not knowing each other. 

I was getting bored because it was day journey, If it was a night journey I could have slept. When a couple came in the bus with their beautiful kid, a 5 to 6 years old kid. A little Kid started talking to everyone in bus and making fun on us. Slowly everyone started interacting with each other. Kids are having magical power and they are fabulous they make world more connected. Let’s take inspiration from them and be connected.

Most of us got our first cell phone when we were in our graduation. But today a 1st Std kid is having cell phone. Now video games have been replaced by Smartphone games.

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