Future Leaders & Future Organizations:

For any #organization to sustain & run it’s gaming changing businesses, It’s very necessary to support & nurture the young talent by creating a pool of self-motivated individuals with various platforms not just  keeping eye on the present situation but having a blue print of the FUTURE. There may be a set of (Thought Leaders, Self Starters, Innovators & Technologists) in the troop. Here I’ve collected couple of leadership forums from few of the world’s Forbes 100 #Fortune500 companies. The selection process for such a kind of leaders cadre is very tough & involves rigorous round of selection process.

Looking at the Fortune 500 organizations like GE & British Petroleum. Such kind of larger organizations are having very strong & robust leadership pipeline programs, GE is having the Technology Leadership program & BP is having the Future Leaders program & those are very intelligent leadership platforms for their future leaders to run their evolving businesses forward & to create more valuable jobs. Being a global organization creating a more robust globally diversified model is one thing which makes a company a No 1 by help utilizing the local & global human resources & contributing to the local as well as to the global economy.  Next generation leaders will be.

1.     Technology Intelligent.
2.     Operational Intelligent.
3.     Communication Intelligent.

Next generation leader are categorized as.

1.     Socially Emerging.
2.     Emotionally Intelligent. 
3.     Highly self-motivated.

Most of the companies are focusing towards the increased consumer experience at the retail sector. Keeping Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Flipkart in mind, future ventures will be focusing towards giving in house/onsite consumer experience by 3 dimensional view of the products kept in the remote retail marketing shop, Here consumer do not have to go the shops for seeing the product physically he just have to use his smartphone or tabloid device to see the object placed in the shop floor & he can view the retail product, feel the three dimensional view of the product. Predicting the next generation leaders, leaders are never born in schools or colleges but by experience & by the continuous learning because the professional development is a continuous journey. 

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