Effective Email Communication & Personal Brand Strategy

Effective email communication plays major role while we work in a multi vendor environment, My email communication was very aggressive when I begin as an Informatica Administrator. But when I got one of my mentor who is a successful Business Leader & Sales Strategist I’ve learnt what really is the email communication & how effectively we can build our effective personal brand strategy by effective emails. Here are the tips he gave me & What I’ve learned from him. 
  • Draft the communication & “Go for a cup of coffee” J 
  It feels funny but Do you know ? “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee !”. Do not ever send the communication hurriedly, Write the email & put it in a draft mode go for a cup of coffee or tea, come back & go through the email content, You’ll really get to know lots of changes. Modify the drafted email before you release it. 

  • Have the good content 
Content, Content, Content…Content management is an art it can be gained by experience, How to write the good content.Whenever you’re sending the mass communications Do not ever just send the emails by writing one or two line, Have the good content & that makes recipient to know more about your knowledge on the subject. 

  • Always be polite 
Do not be  aggressive ever while replying even if the sender is aggressive on you in emails, Just be precise on the content you would want to communicate just make him calm down with your knowledge & skills you’ve. 

  • Signature 
Have a good eye catching signature, Do not just mention your name & send it. It conveys to the recipient Who you’re, What you do, With whom you work, How to reach you. 

  • Do have the proper subject line 
Subject line is more important than anything else, Have a precise & concise subject line for all the emails you write, The problem here is managing the outlook is hectic work in the corporate world bex everybody receives 100s of 1000s of emails everyday, Only emails with proper subject lines would be responded back, Most of the emails would be pushed back to pst or deleted without reading because of the weak or wrong subject lines. 

  • Have A Lead Approach 
Have a lead voice in emails, An approach of building the relationship. Font, Color, Signature, Subject makes more professional what the email is.

When I was in my graduation one of my professor used to tell us “Think Before You Ink” I forgot that many years ago, When I got to know the value of effective email communication, I realized the sentence back.


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