Digitization ! I’m not yet up to date !

Now a days wherever we go we hear about digitization, I’m questioning myself. Am I update to date on Digitization ?. Does this mean that am I “unpad” (illiterate)?. If we look at developed countries, Usage of digital equipment & sensor is not a new thing. Few decades ago (70s OR 80s) even the houses built at villages in developed countries were equipped with sensor devices. 

Kitchens were well equipped with smoke detectors, Dish Washers & Microwaves were controlled through remote sensing mechanism. Front & Back door in houses were setup with step in & step out lights. Heating mechanism in the houses were designed with centralized automated sensing mechanism to control the cold in the winter.

Now a days Digitization is called with many names based on the industry  - Industrial Internet, IOT – Internet of thing,  IOE - Internet of Everything. Does this mean only folks who are holding the Costly handheld devices (Smart phones, Tabs ) are only knowing the Digitization ? I’m confused ! 

Let’s talk about the Operating Systems, Does the Operating Systems with GUIs - graphical users interfaces would have the capability to replace the less user friendly OSs like Unix/Linux ?. Does this mean Technocrats we who work on Non GUI OSs are not yet up to date on Digitization ?

If we’ve the scientific calculator means would it replace the fundamentals of mathematics ?.

Usage of Internet is not a new thing but the cloud concept came & changed the way we use the desktop applications For Ex : “Out Look” as “Webapp – Outlook” ( Software as a Service) but still we’re more comfortable drafting the emails using the desktop Outlook.

Ultimately digitization is not only one’s own creativity to develop more user friendly product & ensuring the more user experience but also its one’s own adaptability to accustom to changing technology space.

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