How Football is Conquering The Golf as a Business Stalwarts Game - A Holistic Approach

There was a time when Golf was a high paid game and still it is a favorite game for most of the Business Magnets, Industry Stalwarts, Investors, Capitalists, CXOs and Stakeholders. Golf is always called as a Tea time game most of the business buds go to golf club early in the morning with their favorite white attire, covering their hands with gloves. Golf got the name as game of business dealings because most of the business stalwarts meet each other to play golf at the Tea time where again they started business dealings. New Vendors - Customers – started interactions at golf clubs.

Now it became a very uncommon place for them to do business decisions and strategizing the relationship with new partners and investors. That’s a reason Golf become a favorite game for most of the industry stalwarts. If we look at one of competitor IT consulting organization, they took their brand identity as Golf and they made Tiger Woods – A world’s most admired & richest, toppest golf player as a Brand Ambassador.

Their strategy behind selecting golf as a brand identity & selecting Tiger Woods as a Brand Ambassador was highly intellectual decision. Because it started bringing new investors & customers to them when they started sending their Relationship Managers & Sales Strategists to golf clubs where they started meetings & discussions with many new faces at the Tea time. Too many stakeholders were attracted by Tiger Woods – A brand face. 

But now it’s a FIFA world cup Football season it’s time for most of the Fortune 500 companies to looks after the Football players as their Brand Ambassador. We are seeing in many of the social media posts, Most of the Chief Marketing Officers from top most consulting companies are watching the Football on the field, in the Brazil stadium. They are getting time to do interactions while they enjoy watching the game.

Hope its nice interaction time for seasoned business stalwarts, sales & marketing leaders to strategize their relationship with new customers. By seeing this year FIFA world cup  Football celebration, this game is going to give a bigger brand value for most of the IT Consulting & Service organizations, Television Channels.
Big Data is also changing the Football game, now we are seeing visualized data presentation in every LCD screen about football scores & records but there is a bit of delay. Going forward Footballs and Shoes will be having sensors inbuilt in it and can sense the force put in by player & the speed of the ball which can visually be represented directly on the LCD TV screen without any manual calculations. Moving forward it’s a revenue generation game for most of the Big Data & Analytics consulting organizations.   

It is good to see that most of the organizations are organizing internal Football contests to create the platform for their associates & to identify the internal young talents.

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