Impact of social media on me

I addicted myself to the social media now a days, I like LinkedIn more than the Facebook. Because Linked is not a Facebook alike we can connect with anybody in LinkedIn at any time but in Facebook we cannot unless we know them. There are also fake accounts in LinkedIn as how people have it in Facebook in order to have a look at them in different approaches in professional market.

Just imagine that you are away from Facebook and whatsapp and you don’t have access to internet at all for a week. You will feel that you are new born or you are new to the whole world and feel like you have forgotten everything. You will feel like you are 5 years before than what is happening in the today’s world it’s like as how your android apps doesn’t work perfectly unless it gets the latest updated version of patch released this week. Social media is evolving the whole world. Recently the whatsapp was acquired by Facebook. For Facebook it’s just an acquisition but for whatsapp it’s a branding strategy behind the acquisition.  They built such branding strategy and made other company to acquire themselves. Finally whatsapp was sold out for 19 billion dollar. I got my first cell phone when I was in my final year graduation even I didn’t know how to switch it off I got to know that only when it rang in exam hall when all the faces are laughing at me.

Imagine the world without Facebook and LinkedIn other social media.

Whenever you post a new snap in Facebook and if no one has liked it how you feel  ? you’ll feel like all are having jealous on you ?  Tell me what you would have done in that case ?
Let me tell you what I would have done. I would have sent a group message to everyone and have them to like it.

Imagine the situation you have got 99 likes to your newly updated snap in Facebook and nobody is hitting the like button later that. What you would have done? Just imagine What I would have done. I would have hit the like button by myself because it is waiting for my like.

Imagine the situation, where your one of the closest friend always tags you to unwanted snaps, posts irritatingly.

Imagine the situation, every day you are getting friend requests in Facebook from Fake accounts.

Imagine the situation where you’ve sent a friend request to your friend, he/she haven’t yet accepted your request. What you would have done ?. Just imagine What I would have done?  
I would have called her/him and forcibly asked her/him to accept my request.

Imagine the situation where more than 80 friends of you are online in Facebook and everybody started conversation with you at the same time and you are unable to reply to a single one. What you would have done ? In that case I would have arranged a group chat.

Imagine the situation where you are in office also you are online in facebook and your boss is working remotely. What you would have done ?  If your boss started asking about the new report to be sent to  customer.  What you would have replied? Just imagine What I would have replied? I would have replied  hey don’t ping me from fake account ping me from WebEx or same time chat and logged out from Facebook.

The intent of facebook was to create a professional network and to do a personal branding but it went in different way. Now the LinkedIn slowly it’s running the facebook way. I always love to do the discussion in LinkedIn groups and also I am a blogger When I started writing blog posts and started discussions in LinkedIn groups unknowingly it automatically used to share the updates in my Facebook and twitter accounts as well and people started telling “Shiva always does Advertisement.

But now started sharing purposefully nobody is telling anything it is not about advertisement it is about branding because “I am the brand and I make the difference”.

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