Big Data - A holistic approach of thinking

Big data is not about just handling, processing, and storing the massive amount of data. But the big data is all about dealing, capturing, processing the real time and high speed data coming out from sensors, satellites, Air turbines, Wing turbines and data populated from internet applications, Data coming out from your smart phones devices. With the evolution of big data Doctors, Civil Engineers, interior architects started learning about big data concepts.

The first computer which I saw was holding the 16 GB hard disk but today the pen drive which I am using stores 16 GB, I was wondering when I was ordering the pen drive in flip cart, today the personal computers are  having terabytes of storage capacity and those PCs behaves as servers. Now days you don’t have to use pen drive at all you can upload all your documents in Google drive and have it accessed wherever you are.

 I felt very bad when I lost my first love; I loved her a lot - Nexus 4. Those days the Nexus was not available at all in India it was just launched few months back and it was goggle’s pretty baby having 18 GB of flash memory. I always used to feel like I am at my system. I could access anything all my social media stuffs LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, hangout, whatsapp, gmail. I could be able check comments on my blog and get it replied the comments immediately.

If you are using the smart phone for all the work you do and you are not carrying laptop to office or you are not using the system at all then you are a big data expert. Big data is like a broadminded person but for me it’s all about the thinking holistic. Here broadminded is all about knowing more – referring huge data. But Holistic thinking is a speedy turnaround - high speed data.

Don’t ever think if you have a big stomach and coming to office without lunch box then you are big data scientist.
Camel lives in deserts for months and years without water, just imagine from where it takes the water from, it feels like it takes water from cloud storages.
If you are not carrying hard cash and you are transacting everywhere with your debit and credit cards then you are analytics expert. If you are never using the paper and you are dependent on your tabloid then you are big machine expert.
Google was the first company started talking about the big data and built the GFX file system for processing the real time data.  

Recently the Cloud Data Stalwart Big Machine was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Big Machine in the sense it’s not about manipulating the massive amount of date. The main goal of Big Machine was to conversion of sales opportunities into revenue by automating the sales order process with guided selling, dynamic pricing, to ensure quick sales billing.

With the evolution of Big Data Stack it is now possible to capture the weather condition and Air plane speed, latitude, delays very quickly to avoid the plane crashes and disasters far more faster than earlier predictions.

Ultimately I can say big data is not just about broad mind it’s all about holistic approach of thinking. Big is not in size it’s in approaching of thinking.

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