Reusable Satellite Launch System - A New Innovation In Space Pollution Control.

As we're still thinking about the code reusability, Digital evangelists & Business stalwarts were talking about “Driver Less Cars” meanwhile the IT product giants (Ex:Google)worked harder & proved it to drove on the road the cars without drivers in it. It was interestingly amazing to read the article about “Reusable Rockets” in “The Economist” magazine. Made the hairs straighten for few minutes & captivated me to search more Information on these rockets. 

                                            Couple of independent space research consortiums are working hard to make the rockets & satellite launch vehicles go to the space, launch the satellite, come back to earth (satellite space station) & be ready to launch the another satellite which is going to be a huge amount of saving in money as well as materials required to build, test & safely launch the satellites. In turns it’s going to save the space from pollution. 

                                      Around the world every year 80 + satellites are launched to the space & the materials in rockets were broken slowly down in to pieces during the stages where the satellite is moving towards it’s destination & these materials are causing the space pollution. The idea of this reusability is going to create a niche for innovative thinking in saving the climate & space from pollution. Many countries are investing in millions of dollars to build & launch the satellites if the reusable rockets are built then half of the cost would be saved. Some of (Blue Origin, Space X)the world’s most admirable independent space research consortiums who are working dedicatedly to make it proved the “Reusable Rockets”.

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