Why do we love NAS ?

6 years back when heard the word NAS, I was wondering what is this NAS, I did search in google just understood “Network Attached Storage” that’s it, No idea how it works, What it is made up of ?. My mind was completely blank. One of my Tech Lead explained  me by giving simple example to SAN & NAS as.
  • SAN – If we use an inbuilt hard disk came up computer that is SAN (Hard Disk inside the computer).
  • NAS – Suppose if we use a portable hard disk connected to computer that is NAS.

This made me to understand also to think much & made me to learn more on the storages. But again I was astonished to see a pen drive with Bluetooth works like a home NAS which is 64 GB storage capability. Last week I was eager to see when one of my friend (Mr Anand) purchased it through Amazon. It was unbelievable, Once you store the Information on this drive you can have it accessed this drive to laptop, system & handheld devices like smart phones, Tabs without directly connecting to it. It is utmost suitable to iPhone.

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