Case Study: Integrated Program & Project and Change management


You are leading a large engagement in a Middle East bank which is going through a Digital transformation exercise. This program involves implementation of new age digital solutions that will be integrated with the core banking system which in itself is going through an upgrade as part of the transformation. The project team includes project team members, bank employees and some vendors. You have a counterpart from the bank side at a Director level who is responsible for the successful roll out of this engagement.  

The bank has branches spread across all countries in the middle east and the success depends on the adoption by all users.  The customer is very demanding and keeps changing the requirements on a daily basis and not willing to hear anything on change requests from you. The account manager has committed many things which are not part of the SOW but the customer insists that these are delivered. You know that all this will result in extra work which will drain the revenue and the program will be in negative margin. 

How will you:

 1. Retrieve the program and the situation so that it is Win-Win for both the customer and the vendor

 2. What will be your approach on effective Organizational Change management (OCM) so that user adoption is seamless and the banks customers are delighted

Case Study: 

Please navigate through the below presentation to explore the solution that was provided for above requirement.

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