5 Qualities of Visionary Project Manager

1. Decision Maker & Facilitator:

Many of the technology projects appoint functional project manager than technical.The reason behind this is that the stakeholders do not want Project Manager to spend time on fixing the technical issues. However without confining his responsibilities to underlying layer, they define a broader sense of ownership for the project manager to take the high level decisions, act as coach to team, mentor & guide and help them to tackle the challenges in terms of handling the customer escalations.

2. Influencer & Change Agent:

Emotional Intelligent project manager leaves a comprehensive influence over the team while motivating them and having the team to incorporate RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed). Project Manager also strategically maintain the Skill Matrix and Disaster Recovery as well as Business Continuity Plans to ensure the uninterrupted project execution. While PM creates the sense of ownership among the team members he also defines an inclusivity amongst the Project Team.

3. Knowledge & Skill Assessor:

Maintaining a Skill Matrix helps PM to constantly track the right people aligned to right roles and even facilitate him to cross train or up skill the team members. One more essential thing is to encourage team members to keep the knowledge management portal up-to-date with right documents which would reduce the burden of transferring the knowledge while on-boarding the new members.

Of course PM acts as an evaluator by continuously giving the constructive feedback to the team members for the individual growth because when an individual feels appreciated, he delivers a better work than what he used to do.

4. Competitive Gainer:

Larger customers always want to keep multi-vendor projects. This is highly required for their organizations to maintain the technology standards as well as to avoid the data breach. This way they apply certain security policy. This is where the PM can gain the competitive advantage and by using the his analytical as well as technology skill to address the KPIs.  

5. Strategic Thinker:

While PM gains the competitive advantage, he strategically thinks whether the process used in the project are aligned to OPM (organizational project management) framework to meet the vision of the organization and to achieve the overall objectives as well to ensure the sustainable development. Because when the vision is not clearly understood, objectives will not be met.

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