5 LinkedIn hacks you should be aware of (aka LinkedIn Etiquette)

1. Share only quality and unique content which grabs your #audience's attention.

LinkedIn is not a platform where you share the same content several times that is irrelevant to your connections. They expect something rich and substantial. You can craft your own content or you can curate one which is useful to your audience because.

                                                   “Content is as precious as Oil
                                                      but it expires very quickly

2. Use the right #hashtag at right place in your content.

Many moons ago, LinkedIn was not supporting the #hashtag feature. However with the extensive use of hashtags in social media, LinkedIn introduced this feature in 2016 in line with its existing feature “Keyword”.

“Hashtags would help facilitate your content to reach the right audience.
But do not club too many hashtags at one place”

3. If you're new, do not send request to everyone that LinkedIn pulls from your gmail #connections or from your browser history.

This is the mistake every newbie in LinkedIn does. But when you do “Invite All”, LinkedIn sends invitation to their email id. Sometimes the email id which might not be connected to their LinkedIn profile, as a result they wouldn’t be able to accept the request to join your network. However people are generous and they would send you a request back in LinkedIn itself directly as a good gesture but do not forget to accept it.

4. Send request to someone whom you would like to have them in your professional #network, but do not forget to withdraw when there is no response.

Give them some time to accept your invitation, maybe you can wait for a week or so. When you do not see any response, navigate to My Network > Manage > Sent > Withdraw request.

5. Be #consistent and let the world know.

Share the relevant content consistently, let your audience know about the advancements in your organization, community and the changes in your career.

This will let your connections know
that you’re Mr. Consistent

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