Agile data driven organizations

In the today’s modern IT world Agile is a common terminology being used across the business verticals, domains and functionals. It is not only just used but being implemented, incorporated and practiced to deliver faster & more accurate results. When we hear the word “Agile” the important question arises in mind is, whether the agile is a technology or a process ?, off course the most valid question. I would say that, this is neither a technology nor a process however it is a mindset to accustom the right technology tools & incorporate the right process to deliver the better results.

               Be it as any technology, all the modern tools revolve around the data which is precious thing for every enterprise. In order to build the agile environments we should have a technology & process which accepts rapid and quicker changes at the speed of light. Whether we’re a technology provider, manufacturer, a constructor or a solution, service provider we must respond to change in a fastest way.

What is delivered with Agile ?

  1. Business Value
  2. Trust
  3. Rapid Response
  4. Better Engagement

As every organization is attracted towards the cloud and building their data silos on the cloud, they are by default enhancing their agility by creating a simplified access layer to their complex data models thereby implementing seamless data access & increasing the customer experience. Well, enterprises are pushing themselves to go for the tools which are stacked together and bundled with most of the offerings in a single tool making it easier for IT department to have one team to work on to deliver the business value rather relaying on several different set of teams that’s where the recent AI & ML tools comes in to picture by bringing in the agile data delivery.
So called data driven organizations looking for agility at every corner with that, it has given birth for several other below mentioned terminologies, the focus is to make readily available, real time data accessible in a multi-dimensional format  by applying the disciplined approach to crunch the data. Making the organizations and decision makers successful in achieving the their goals.

  1. Agile Data Warehouse
  2. Agile Data Virtualization
  3. Agile Data Visualization (Agile Data Storytelling)
  4. Agile Data Science

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