DevOps a giant leap in build and release

DevOps has drastically disrupted the development & operational activities by spreading perception of integration. Independent teams building their programs, deploying their code & releasing their versions on their different technologies has replaced with single DevOps process methodology. We can say that, it has been a complete change in the working style & has given much visibility to functional teams & business analysts to have a birds-eye-view at glance on which code has deployed on which technology on which date & how it is impacting to upstream systems.

The fundamental idea of uDeploy is integrating the people, process & technology, number of technologies & N number people working together to achieve common single goal relaying on single process. As the name indicates uDeploy itself is a powerful DevOps tool but there is a misconception that uDeploy is used only for the Deployment orchestration, uDeploy is not only used for the deployments however it is being used for various other operational activities, I could name few activities like File Transfer & service restart on the operational applications or environments. Suppose if we have development using the webservice in development environment who require to restart the webservice frequently this is a time-consuming activity for both the development team as well as for the Administrator team we would avoid this delay by enabling a component in the uDeploy which could save a lot of time & make the environment error prone.

One of the important aspects of using the uDeploy tools is reduction of manual errors, here are some of the key features of this tool.

Reduce errors:  Since it is an automated software release and deployment tool it has got capability to create an error prone environment.

Clear Visibility:  It gives us the clear visibility on what is deployed where and who has deployed it & what changes have been deployed.

Self-Service: It is purely a self-service tool and It has got rich user interface & easy to navigate so developer can do the deployments by their own.

Improve productivity: It improves the productivity, everything happens on a push of button during the deployments it saves lot of time for developers & operation teams.

Faster time-to-Production:  It has got built-in best practices, so it reduces the time involved in verifying steps multiple times.

Compliance and audit-ability: It has got an enforced Security and traceability which uses the enterprise LDAP authentication.

Java Apps

War/Ear file deployment
Deploy property files
Stop/Start Applications
Java Middleware
(App Servers: Jboss etc.)
Start/Stop container
Configuration Items on Container
Deploy DDL/DML Scripts
DB backup/restore
Tibco BusinessWorks
Deploy/Undeploy ear file
Start/Stop services
Deploy property files
Tibco EMS
Create Queue and Topics
Queue & Topic Start/Stop
Create and deploy PowerCenter Deployment Groups
Create Label
Validate Deployment Group
Roll-back Deployment Group
Run PMREP Command
3rd Party Applications
Determine on case by case basis
Reporting Tools
Pull the vendor deployment packages from artifactory
Manage the IIS and windows services
Executing MS sql scripts
AWS Beanstalk
Create a Jenkins slave to build the docker images
Publish images to ECR
Publish the json file and environment specific files to uDeploy
Execute the eb deploy to the AWS environments


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