How to apply patch to Denodo Environment ?

Whenever you see any bugs on your Denodo environment it’s always recommended to reach out the vendor to get the latest patch & to update the patch to the Denodo environment. Here I’m going to show you how to patch your Denodo environment. Pls do follow the below steps to apply the patch.

1)   Bring down all the services (VDP, Scheduler, Monitor etc).
2)   Make sure that no process are running on the OS server.
3)   Backup the entire Denodo installation path (For Ex : /app/denodo & /app/denodo_backup)
4)   Make sure to have the patch (Jar file provided by vendor) uploaded on the OS server.
5)   Use the below command line to update the patch.
6)   Pls make sure to mention the respective Java path & Denodo installation directory path in below command line.  
7)  The patch would take some time to update the respective directories & displays the below output.
8) Once you see the "patch installation completed successfully" message, start the services & verify by logging in.

On Linux OS :

/app//jre/bin/java -jar /app//denodo-v55-update-201610242000.jar /app/denodo/ -c

On Windows OS

1) Open the command prompt & navigate to the below path.

cd  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\"

2) Use the below command line to update the patch. 

java -jar "C:\Users\Programs\Desktop\denodo-v55-update-201610242000.jar" "C:\Program Files\Denodo Platform" -c

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