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Merging & Acquisitions are the most heard terminologies in any of the industries. When it comes to the social media these are the most valued terminologies. For any company building the social media credibility is more engaging, enriching & rewarding.

Facebook acquiring Whatsapp, Microsoft Acquiring the LinkedIn are the most gaming changing acquisitions in the social industry. Facebook was a full pledge social media suit but whatsapp was just quick internet chatting app. Facebook was already having its Massager platform as a chatting tool but why facebook wanted to acquire  Whatsapp is still unknowing & very interesting factor however the  Whatsapp has revolutionized the way we communicate & chat in the internet. 

LinkedIn is completely a professional networking social media platform & the Microsoft is a ‘World Leader’ in Operating Systems & Software Products, It was a sudden surprise to the social industry when LinkedIn announced that its being acquired by Microsoft. LinkedIn was also spending in millions for its Servers, Storage, Operating Systems & Databases to handle the high volume of data & it was required for LinkedIn to have its own Massive Big Data Centers.

Since Microsoft is already a software giant having its own products like Windows operating systems, SQL Server Databases, Business Intelligence Tools like MSBI which attracted  LinkedIn to be a part of Microsoft family hence the LinkedIn do not have to outsource for its Storage capabilities & Business Intelligence insights. So finally the LinkedIn was sold out for 26 Billion. This is a Major example why companies are focusing towards Social as well as Digital & preparing for the future. Till now Microsoft has acquired 190+ companies most of those were from software product development. Now the LinkedIn going to revolutionize the business the Microsoft used to do.

If you look at FaceBook it has acquired more than 50 companies in last few years most of those are internet based & companies which are working in VR, Virtual Reality. This is just an example if the if the CEO’s of the Digital companies go for the shopping what all they could purchase.

Yahoo.Com a most popular search engine & market leader in internet business which was sold out to Verizon for $5 Billion which was a very less comparative value compared to its competitor because Yahoo was unable to design the innovative internet social platforms in the recent years.

Even the  Cloud ERP giant trying to acquire, Salesforce , Disney & Alphabet are in the race currently to buy twitter, Salesforce is one step ahead of them, People are still thinking how twitter acquisition helps to helps to salesforce however Market analyst have already proved that this acquisition is just like a LinkedIn-Microsoft deal & it really helps salesforce in their Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence research by gaining the real time & live streaming data from twitter.

But unfortunately the calls off from #TwitterSale bidding, Even the Disney & Alphabet slowly moved out from the race, What would be the future of "MicroBlogging" Industry, Would Twitter alone be able to battle the game ?

Why companies are acquiring & going Social?

1) It became very easy for any company to spread the awareness about their Brand through          social channels.

2) It gives competitive advantage for any company to understand what their competitors are     doing & what they offering to their customers.

3) It helps Companies to engage with their prospective customers & understand their needs very quickly.

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