Jugad Innovation - Frugal Ideas !

We Indians are famous for our Jugad ideas. Pls have a look at this picture. This is an iPhone 5c Box, I’m using it as my Soap Box from last two years, it is working fine without giving me any trouble. I’m suspecting Apple CEO Tim Cook got to know about this & he changed the fabrication for the iPhone Box from 6s series :) onwards.

Jugad Innovation is an unconventional catalyst idea to use the waste material or a low cost material to provide solutions to the basic social problems, Jugad is a Hindi translation for ‘frugal’. In the recent years frugal innovation is a most discussed & most admired innovative practice.

It is an approach of reducing the complexity & cost on the product development. Industry has seen various process models. Waterfall, Agile, SixSigma, DevOps designed & streamlined by the giants. But here in the ‘frugal’, Ideas from the common men are collectively put together in the product development. Since this is a breakthrough approach we can call it as a modern SixSigma :). The core concept of the frugal innovation is “To innovate we don’t have to become a scientist but we just have to have the inclusive ideas from everyone”

Why world need ‘Frugal Innovation’ ?
  1. To provide Cost effective instant solution to the basic problems.
  2. This is an Affordable, Cheap, durable & most prominent.
  3. This is a Collective, Inclusive ideas from the common men.
  4. To nurture the social talent & help build the social entrepreneurs.
  5. Use the waste materials or to recycle & re fabricate it.
Recently Chinese company called (Zhuoda Group) has come up an idea of constructing the low cost house using the affordable materials with the help of 3D printing mechanism to create the blue print plan for building the house which reduces the time in constructing the house. With this how can we expect our future houses will be ?. It focuses on completely assembling the parts in order to build a future house. With this idea the time to build an house reduces from year to months & then from months to days.

The main aspect of the frugal innovation is to provide the basic needs of the society food, water, affordable healthcare, power & home as well transportation. Jugad innovation is going to be the next wave in the technology space & going to emerge as a powerful business model. It is a new innovation strategy which teaches us how to be more optimistic & opportunistic when we see the waste.

An Indian automobile company TATA wanted to develop a most affordable car for Indian small families this has led to manufacture the Nano car one of the most admired vehicle in India, now it became a patrol car for Delhi Cops, capital of India police. This car costs hardly 3000 $ (USD)

An automobile mechanic from Assam, India who didn’t even complete 4th grade designed a helicopter using the waste metal, an Old SUV engine & Old car seats. The helicopter can fly up to 35 Miles per hour.

Which of the universities currently works on 'Frugal Innovation' research ?
  1. University of Cambridge, England
  2. Santa Clara University
  3. Hamburg University of Technology
  4. Michigan State University
 Which are the companies keep talking about Jugad or Frugal ?
  1. Google
  2. Philips
  3. General Electric
 Brainstorming & Crowedsourcing are the main source for ‘Frugal Ideas’

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