#Hashtag - The Power of Social Media

In general this symbol (#) is called as a pound sign or a number sign but the correct naming convention for the # sign is #octothorpe. Today hash is most used symbol in the #web & is highly used by twitter & Instagram geeks, #Digital #Marketers, Social Media #Evangelist. The first hash statement which I ever used was #include stdio.h in C programming when I was in my first year of graduation. Later that I found a # keypad button in my first cell phone (Nokia 1100). I was just wondering what does this keypad functions in my cell phone. Those days I never knew the capability of the #hash.

Today hash is best used for indexing in the web & social world. If you just type # with any word appended to it in some of the social media platforms. It lists all the content related to that hash word. Searching in the web has been made easier with this hash tag hence it is most valued in the social world.

Do you know the Social Media Platforms which supports the #hashtag ?.  Here is the list of those.
  • #Twitter, 
  • #Facebook, 
  • #Instagram, 
  • #Youtube, 
  • #Google +, 
  • #Pinterest, 
  • #Tumblr 
Are the most widely used & well known social media platforms which support the #hashtag. 

But LinkedIn is an exception to this & that doesn’t support the #hashtag however they have a similar mechanism called keyword searching.  There are many online tools available to find the right hashtag for your tweet in twitter, post in #facebook & for your photo in #Instagram. Next time whenever you post something in social media, Do not ever post without using the hashtag because popularity of your post is based on the right hashtag you use it for your post in social world. Right hashtags are also very important to gain the number of right connections or followers in twitter & in any other social media.

The usage of #hashtag was first started with #twitter later other social media platforms started incorporating this mechanism. Experienced #digital #marketers hardly login to their social media platforms because all they do is automate their tweets & schedule their social updates through some of the online social media automation tools based on their most favorite hashtags. Today the power of social media is in the hashtag & these are very crisp & simplest way of communicating in the social platforms.

What does this hashing really mean? Hashing is a Simplest, Shortened & abbreviated meaning of a statement or a sentence. Since twitter was not supporting the Group concept ,how we have it in other social platforms (For ex FaceBook groups). So the twitter team wanted to come up with a plan & find out a solution for this whenever group people wanted to start a conversation on a topic. So they incorporated this hashtag concept using the #symbol. First hashtag #message was tweeted by a former #Google developer Chris Messina in August 2007. Today the hashtag has revolutionized the way we communicate to the world in the twitter.

If you really want your tweet or post to go viral in the social world you need to use the right hashtags. You can find out the popular & trending #hashtags using many of the available online tools.

I hope with all this information provided now you've got the idea on the meaning & usage of the #hashtag !

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