Denodo : The Data Virtualization Tool

Denodo : The Data Virtualization Tool :

Denodo is a Data Virtualization tool, Data virtualization is a process of transforming the data & it is also called as an agile approach of data integration. The legacy traditional data integration approach (architecture) is built with source, stage & target instances & the data would be transformed in the intermediary staging environment. This process would be done with scheduled jobs which are built with set of transformations & some with SQL code in it. These jobs normally takes so much time to read the data, transform it & load it in to the data warehouse environment. 

But the Data Virtualization is a simplified approach of Data Integration. The main intent of this is to reduce the delay in reading the data, processing & loading it. Denodo architecture has its own virtual intermediary environment where it Caches the data. In the Denodo platform’s “VQL shell” we can configure the views to make use of the Cache from where the reporting tool can read it. Denodo comes up with VQL language similar to SQL statements. Developer can write VQL scripts & which can be scheduled through Denodo scheduler.

Pros Of Data Virtualization :

  • Reduced down time Or Reduction of delay in Processing, Loading the data.
  • Abstraction of Data Transformation details.
  • Real time access to the source systems.
  • Deliver the business data faster than the traditional approach.

Click on the above URL to know on the Denodo Installation steps. Finally, Pls do not confuse with the picture & Data Virtualization is not a Data Visualization.

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