Social Entrepreneurship - Professor Muhammad Yunus - The Pioneer

Social Entrepreneurship is all about building a venture to help solve the social problems. Fostering the innovation at the rural & urban areas as well to create an atmosphere of community development. The main focus of the Social Enterprise are to nurture the rural talent & to create more job opportunities by social orientation in order to give solutions to societal problems.

Social Entrepreneurship is all about the business for poor, creating an incredible social impact & building a business venture for under economic people beyond the personal advantage. There are many people around world who helped building the social enterprises but there is a name called “Muhammed Yunus” whose name has been is highly commemorated among all of them.                                                                                                                                                                            Muhammed Yunus started his career as an economics professor in Bangladesh later he became a head of department of economics in the same college where was a professor. He also earned his doctorate in economics. Earlier he was also a social & liberal activist during the liberation war of Bangladesh. Those days the economic situation in Bangladesh was totally imbalanced. What really motivated the Professor Yunus was the Economic Crisis, Financial Frustration & The conventional way of doing banking. Professor Yunus started thinking on how to reform the economic conditions of the poor people.  Professor Yunus started his first social business by taking loan of 27 $ (USD) & lending that amount to poor women in Bangladesh by encouraging them to do small social scale social business. He also established a bank called “Grameen Bank” the business model in that bank was completely built with “Human Trust & Social Collaboration” by lending money without any collateral to poor entrepreneurs doing their own small businesses.

Within a short span of time his business model started growing in million dollar transactions. Yunus & his team faced lot many troubles & In the year of 2000 sudden growth of Professor Yunus did hurt to many people. There were lot many allegations made by politicians & few people within the “Grameen Bank” against Professor Yunus to put him down as a Managing Director of “Grameen Bank” to gain their political as well as personal advantage. Which also forced him to appear in the court but with the involvement of the international leaders & the petition submitted by the citizens the court was able to dismiss the allegations made against him.

But later professor Yunus was named as a pioneer & father of social entrepreneurship who enabled the microfinance through “Grameen Bank” concept in Bangladesh.

With his hard work, selfless service & an ethical idea of contributing to the society, Grameen Bank business model grown up & expanded to international level. Today his unconventional innovative business model became an inspiration for most of the International Businesses. Now “Grameen Bank” is a source for millions of borrowers without any collateral. Professor Yunus is an iconic model for many of the young people like us, He has been featured by TIME, Forbes & Wall-Street Journal (WSJ) as a World Leader. He is an ambassador for World Economic Forum & Counsellor for One Young World Summit. In the year of 2012 Fortune Magazine has been featured him as an entrepreneur of the current era.

In the year of 2006 he has been awarded as a Nobel Laureate for peace. Toastmaster International in the year of 2015 Honored him with Golden Gavel award for his distinguished & visionary leadership. LinkedIn also honored him in their Speaker Series for creating a huge economic opportunity for global workforce. This is the way Professor Yunus built an empire of social entrepreneurship & became a role model for many. I hope we all would involve in lot many CSR activities & will become a role model for each other. 

Lastly I would name few of the nonprofit organizations in India creating a sustainability for the social entrepreneurship.

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