Social Media Integration Vs Data Integration

With the evolution of multiple social media platforms it became necessary for us to integrate & manage our social media accounts. Most of us are serious about the fun in social media but let’s think about the companies & digital marketers who are serious about the business, It’s really very crucial for them to integrate their social media pages & accounts in order to make their work easier on one click. Most of us normally use the LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagramWhatsapp hardly Pinterest & Tumbler

                                               But look at the digital marketing organizations using the 100s of social media platforms for the content marketing, lead generation, social branding & social selling. Today’s social media integration is comparatively different from the “Data Integration” since I’m more familiar to the Data Integration, What we do here is connect to the heterogeneous sources & pull the data out of that, Transform the data & build the business reports based on which the top management & stakeholders can take the critical business decisions.

Social Media Management & Automation Tools

Social media integration is more about bringing together all the social media accounts in an organization or in an organization's marketing unit & automate the post scheduling or automatically share updates to their social media pages to avoid the manual effort in publishing & posting 100 of 1000s of posts every day. Later they can review how many likes & page shares as well as followers they’ve gained for those posts based on the geography. 

                                 Actual product or service companies wouldn’t imagine the revenue based on just the number of fan followers in the social media but they can estimate on which region they can invest to gain more marketing based on the sentiment of the social user or fan followers, This is more about understanding the consumer behavior & user emotions or we can call it as Sentiment Analysis. Below are the few of the most widely used social media management & automation tools.

How Data Integration Can Help Leveraging The Social Data ?

With the growing trends in companies going social, There is a huge demand in Business Intelligence (BI) to connect to social media platforms to pull the required data using “Data Integration” for the Analytics. Basically I work in BI & using the Informatica tool from past 7 years to integrate the Data from heterogeneous data sources. Informatica Corp as a world leader in Data Integration has already developed the Power Exchange plugins to connect to the social medial platforms to extract the intelligent data from FacebookLinkedIn & Twitter. Which helps companies to leverage the social data & know what the consumer is talking about their products & services in the social media. Based on that they can design the products & provide the value added services to their customers.

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