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Gone are the days where companies used to advertise in the papers & magazinesThere is a huge difference created between the legacy advertising & today's branding mechanism. Companies are heavily investing in branding & experience management professionals. With the today's available social platform it became very easy for any company or a professional to build their brand strategy but it also became very necessary to maintain the consistency in the brand through the online channels, the terminology is called as brand reputation management. Companies or professionals who maintain the consistency in their reputation becomes most influential brands in the social world & also it helps in building the long term trust with their consumers.

If you look at any company, to keep innovating as well as adapting to the changing technology & business landscape is equally important than the quality products & services they provide. If you look at Nokia which became one of the most renowned mobile company because of the highly robust & reliable mobile phone products which it provided to its consumers but eventually Nokia as a mobile company was unable to survive due to the lack of digital disruption in it its products.

iPhone as a brand wouldn't have survived in the smartphone industry unless it had keep developing & releasing its most promising user experience smartphone products. It's because of keep on increasing the speed in touch screen & the improve in design as well as inbuilt storage capability, the brand is able to become a market leader & nobody can beat its product capability.

But look at the wrist watch industry without being digital the companies are be able to still maintain their brand reputation & can be able to meet their sales turnover. I think it's because of their uncompromising design & the user experience.

Some of the influential brands always release their beta versions to know whether their product is capable enough in user experience. I think this strategy helps companies to keep improving their product versatility as well as to attract more users to experience the brand free of cost. iPhone is going one step beyond & will release customized smartphones. Where it's going to give its user the capability to design their own iPhone & have their own configuration.

AT & T as a telecom provider be able to maintain its leadership position as a most promising cellular network company among its competitors because of its uninterrupted network & tie up with smartphone companies in providing the smartphone on a contract basis in an affordable price.

Instagram as a social media platform grown exponentially & made millions of users to be its subscribers because of its high resolution pixel capability in photos gave millions of subscribers an amazing user experience.

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