Adoption To #Social #Media

7 to 8 years ago people used to ask each other whenever they meet their friends, Hey are you in Orkut ?. I think #Orkut was a buzz word for people rather being a complete social media platform. Those days I just graduated & joined as an intern. After many days of passing out from my college. I met a friend of mine. 

First question he asked to me was, Are you there in Orkut?.  Those days I didn’t even know what was that Orkut all of about. I just knew from someone that it’s a website where I can see our friend’s Bio DataJ. Even I did not have my Orkut account at all. But at that moment I became smarter & replied to him politely that “Yes dude I too had an Orkut account but due to some reason I deactivated it, Soon I’ll create a new Orkut account & connect to you there.

Today is a digital era & everyone should hold their digital identity in the social media in order to build their personal brand strategy. Recently #LinkedIn released a playbook on how to become a Social #Leader. According to the play book around 7 million C- suit people have their LinkedIn accounts & 400 Million accounts have been created their profiles in linked professional network.  #Twitter has been accessed by around 310 Million monthly active users.

Now let’s discuss on how we all see our #future. We’ll be doing shopping in Instagram & will be paying it through our twitter account. This is the way the social media is going to help us in building the new relationships & will assist us in maintaining the existing relationships. This is going to be the social trust through the #digital Media. #iPhone came & gave us the whole world on a tip of single button. In today’s hyper connected world it also became very important for us to maintain the privacy in the social media. 

We normally pull all the folks who we know and get connected in our #Facebook profile including the friends, family members as well as colleagues. We upload & share all our personal stuff in #facebook. In this matter I always appreciate one of my friend he is having 2 Facebook profiles. One is completely dedicated for family members & another is purely open for colleagues. In this way he is maintaining the privacy.
Day will come; soon banks & financial institutions where we’ve taken the loan are going to ask our social media profile names. Suppose if we do not pay the loan amount back or if we delay in paying. They can track our activities through the social media platforms. Believe it or not 5 years ago social media was meant for only folks who knew the computer better. 

The evolution of #smartphone which made it everybody to be a part of social world. Smartphone has already replaced by smart watch. Soon smart watch will also be replaced by another wearable device which will give us a complete virtual reality.

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