Informatica Repository Backup : Failed to execute Backup

We’ve our automated daily repository backup script, Which got failed with the below error.

Error Message :

Permission for repository INFA_REP is required for this operation.
Failed to execute Backup.

Solution : Normally when these kind of errors comes up we think that there is a permission issue with the repository or user account which the pmrep connect command is having to connect is not having the permissions on the repository. But here the case is absolutely different one. You need to verify the below points to resolve this error.

  • Verify the domains.infa file variable is set in .profile file or not. INFA_DOMAINS_FILE= /app/informatica/powercenter9.6.1/domains.infa.

  • Make sure whether the host names which you’re passing on the pmrep connect command are exactly same as which you kept in the domains.infaIf you’ve mentioned with fully qualified domain name (FQDN) mention the same name in connect command, Suppose if you’ve host name as without the domain name mention the same name in connect command as well. If you do not have the host names same as in connect command as well as domains.infa you’ll definitely face this issue.

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