Repository Backup : [REP_51002] Receive Reply Timed Out

We were executing the repository backup pmrep restore command, The restore command was active & restoring the couple of tables, We were able to see the restoring progress details in the repository logs at Adminconsole. But the command was interrupted with the below errors & exited from restoring the backup.

Error Message We Received :

[[REP_51002] Receive reply timed out.]
[12/30/2015 15:58:20-[REP_55066] Connectivity to the Repository
  Repo_Infa_Prod has been lost. 
The status of the current operation is unknown.] Failed to execute restore. 
[[REP_51002] Receive reply timed out.]

Restore Command Used :

pmrep connect -r Repo_Infa_Prod -d Domain_Infa_Prod -t 600
pmrep restore -u Admin -p Admin -i /app/Infa_Shared/Repo_Prod.rep

Suggestions :

In order to avoid this unobvious situation have the below things verified before proceeding with the restoring the repository. While analyzing the node.log we found the “Maximum number of connections exceeded. Terminating connection” error.
  • Increase the “Maximum Connections” in Repository service under under tab Advanced Properties. By default it is 200, Increase it to around 600 to 800
  • Pls work with your database team & have it set the "rman block change tracking" parameter to "Off" at the Oracle database side, (If the Repository DB is Oracle)
  • Mainly to look after the TEMP space on the database, Always to have at least 20 GB of temp space, Pls ask your database team to increase the TEMP space on the database.
  • Also verify whether all the nodes names & ports updated in the below file are perfect $INFA_HOME/isp/config/nodemeta.xml.
Maximum Connections :

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