WRT_8316 The Writer ran out of buffer pool data blocks, terminating the session.


WRT_8316 The Writer ran out of buffer pool data blocks, terminating the session.

Analysis : 
  • While seeing the storage mount it’s almost occupied and no space left for the session to write the cache.
         Allocate the sufficient storage for your project mount and see the result.
  • While analyzing the mapping design and sesslog we found that transaction control transformation has been used.  Above error is the know bug with Transaction Control Transformation in Informatica 9.1 Hot Fix 4 because the Writer holds onto the Buffer Blocks until a commit is issued. This therefore deprives the blocks for pmdtm, and the session fails as a result.  We would recommend you to have the below possibilities. Since we are on Informatica 9.1 Hot Fix 4,  To resolve this issue  please have the below recommendations as discussed.
1Increase the Buffer Pool Size in the session to accommodate records up to a commit point.

 Reduce the commit interval (so that commit is issued before the blocks are filled) logic with which the TCT generated the commits

This bug has been taken care and applied a fix in PowerCenter 9.1 HotFix 6 OR PowerCenter 9.5.1 HotFix 1 from informatica corp.


  1. Hi Shiva,

    I have a question regarding the scalability of nodes on a cloud. Is it possible for us to use the concept of elasticity prevalent in cloud systems for informatica projects.

    I intend to create 2 nodes on a GRID and assign a single Integration Service over them. Is it possible for me to set the nodes in a way that the load initially goes to one of the nodes only and starts to spill over to the other after a certain threshold is reached on the first. This way I can reduce the cost of the node usage on the cloud. Is it a possibility. If not then what are the cons for going ahead with this approach.

    Any pointers will be much appreciated.

    Informatica Administrator
    Cell: 44-7506694819

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  3. Dear Mohan,

    There are three Dispatch modes available for run time objects in Informatica powercenter - Adaptive, Round Robin,Metric Based I have written about the Load Balancing in a post. Request you to please refer the post “Load Balancing In Informatica”


    Please post a comment in case of any further help.

    Many Thanks

    Informatica Architect

  4. Hi.
    How to change Buffer Pool Size?
    Thanks for help

  5. Pls go to the session properties & change the buffer size, You can use the ulimit command to do at OS level.

  6. Hi, session gets failed as "Writer ran out of buffer pool data blocks, terminating the session" even if we set auto for DTM buffer size.

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