Informatica Meta Data Manager

Meta Data Manager

Informatica Meta data Manager is a powerful tool for the business to do the impact analysis by pulling the meta data lineage to ensure whether the changes will be taken care smoothly without disturbing downstream tools in the sense changes will be taken care from upstream to downstream including the source system ETL mappings and target system (Reporting).

Following steps needs to be taken care for setting up the meta data manager :
•  Meta Data Manager Service Installation on Linux/Unix box.
•  Meta Data Manager Agent Installation on windows box.
•  Adminconsole Configuration.
•  Loading the PowerCenter Resource to IMM Repository
•  Loading the Cognos Resource to IMM Repository.
•  Loading of Relational db schema to IMM Repository.
•  Linking of source db schema –PowerCenter— Target db schema—Cognos.
•  Pulled the Lineage for the Catalog objects.

Normally the meta data manager is divided in to two partitions here onwards from Informatica version 9.1.
  • Business Meta Data Manager
  • Technical Meta Data Manager
Architecture For Meta Data Manager:
Meta Data Manager Agent : Service Responsible to load the meta data from sources to IMM repository
Meta Data Manager Service : URL where users analysts/data stewards/data owners will lineage the meta data and do the analysis.

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