How to connect to Sales Force (SFDC) From Informatica

In order to connect to Sales Power Exchange SFDC  needs to be installed and  sfdc plug-in needs to be registered in Informatica Repository.Below are the steps for the same.

  1. Log on to server as Informatica functional account.
  2. Change directory to Informatica PowerCenter install binaries directory.
  3. Ftp/Sftp sfdc_81102_sol32.tar from either local workstation or Informatica server to server where install is taking place
  4. Decompress install binaries  (tar xvf sfdc_81102_sol32.tar).
  5. At this point, stop integration service and repository service in the environment using admin console.
  6. Execute installSFDCserver.
  7. Enter Informatica home directory absolute path ($INFA_HOME).
  8. Once installation has completed, return to admin console.
  9. Add license key to environment using admin console.
  10. Select the respective Unicode integration service, modify the HTTP Proxy Properties as follows: HttpProxyServer  ,HttpProxyPort , HttpProxyUser, HttpProxyPassword, HttpProxyDomain.

  • Start repository service.
  • Start integration service.
  • Log into repository using Workflow manager.
  • Validate that connection is now an option under application type connections in workflow manager.
  • Log into repository using Designer.
  • Validate that you can import a source from, and that it is now an option in source analyzer.
  • If both workflow manager and designer allow these options, installation is complete.

 Below Is the Installation Output :


Stop all the Powercenter processes/Services before running this script ....
Enter absolute path of Powercenter server installation directory{/home/powercenter8.1.1}
server location:$INFA_HOME
backing up $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/native/pmsfdc.xml as $INFA_HOME/server/bin/native/pmsfdc.xml.bak
copying files to $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/native folder
backing up $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/ as $INFA_HOME/server/bin/
backing up $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/ as $INFA_HOME/server/bin/
backing up $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/ as $INFA_HOME/server/bin/
backing up $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/ as $INFA_HOME/server/bin/
backing up $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/ as $INFA_HOME/server/bin/
backing up $INFA_HOMEserver/bin/ as $INFA_HOME/server/bin/
copying files to $INFA_HOMEserver/bin folder
cp: server/bin/native: is a directory
Installation completed successfully.
IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from 8.1.1 please re-register the plug-in pmsfdc.xml for changes to take effect.
 Below are the steps to register the sfdc plugin to Repository :
  • Get the pmsfdc.xml from Informatica Vendor.
  • FTP the pmsfdc.xml file in binary mode and place it to Informatica server $INFA_HOME/server/bin/native/ path. (Make sure to FTP the sfdc plug in binary mode).
  • Bring down the Integration Service.
  • Bring the repository service to Exclusive mode from Normal mode. 
  • Connect to the repository using the pmrep connect command.
              pmrep>connect -r "LAB_INFA_REP" -d "LAB_INFA_DOMAIN" -n Administrator -x password
  • Now register the plugin using the registerplugin command.
             pmrep>registerplugin -i $INFA_HOME\server\bin\native\pmsfdc.xml -e -N 
(Note : Give the fully qualified path otherwise will get the above error Failed to execute registerplugin )

Register Plug-in operation on repository [LAB_INFA_REP] started at 07/10/2011 08:11:14.

Importing plugin: SalesforcePlugin ...
Importing dbtype: Salesforce ...
Importing keytype: SOURCEID ...
Importing keytype: TARGETID ...
Importing keytype: SOURCEREFERENCE ...
Importing keytype: TARGETREFERENCE ...
Importing datatype: id ...
Importing datatype: id ...
Importing datatype: id ...
Importing datatype: id ...
Importing datatype: id ...
Importing datatype: id ...
Importing datatype: id ...

Post validation on imported plug-ins...
The number of plug-ins that registered successfully is 1.
The number of plug-ins that failed to register is 0.
Register Plug-in operation on repository [
LAB_INFA_REP] ended at 07/10/2011 08:11:17. Elapsed time is 0:00:03.
registerplugin completed successfully.

Problem Description 1 :

Some time you might encounter the below error :

The following error occurs when creating a (PowerCenter Connect for Source Definition in the PowerCenter Designer:  Attribute Name, SForceName, can not be found.

Solution :

 To resolve this error delete the Salesforce cache files (.sfdclogin.lck and .sfdclogin.txt) from the following location. 

Problem Description 2 :

 SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [EOF was observed that violates the protocol. The client probably provided invalid authentication information.]
 SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [Connection timed out.]
 SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [Connection timed out.]
 SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [Connection timed out.]
 SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [EOF was observed that violates the protocol. The client probably   provided invalid authentication information.]
 SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [Connection timed out.]
 SFDC_31133 : [ERROR] Reattempt the Salesforce request [querymore] due to the error [SSL_ERROR_SSL


Attempting to import a Salesforce objects in the Designer the following error occurs: Login failed. Error code: [SOAP-ENV : Client] Reason : [No Data]

Cause :

This issue will occur if your network resides in a proxy and proxy information is not configured.

Solution :
To resolve this issue create the pmsfdc.ini file with the correct proxy server information. If the network resides in a proxy environment, the proxy information should be configured in pmsfdc.ini. Please follow the below steps: To configure HTTP proxy options for the PowerCenter Client, do the following:

   1. Create the pmsfdc.ini file in the <PowerCenter Client>\bin directory.
   2.  Add the following parameters:
          * ProxyHost
          * ProxyPort
          * ProxyUser
          * ProxyPassword



More Information :

To determine the proxy server setting refer to the LAN settings in Internet Explorer (Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Proxy Server) and use that in the pmsfdc.ini file.

Problem Description 3 :

Following error occurred when importing a object in the Power Center Designer, While user we were successfully able to connect to SFDC URL & able to login through Internet Explorer.


DescribeGlobal failed. Error code: [SOAP-ENV:Server] Reason: [HTTP error]

Solution :

This is due to the mismatch between the entries in pmsfdc.ini file on the client machine, proxy host server from IE should match proxy details in the pmsfdc.ini file. Bex you were able to connect from IE to salesforce, The proxy user & proxy password in pmsfdc.ini file have some vulnerability in connecting to proxy server, hence it’s not routing the request to sfdc server. In that case you need to ask the network access team saying whether the credentials are perfect or not.


  1. Hi Shiva,can you explain how to use tibo system as informatica source and target

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  2. Hi Krishna

    I have never worked on tibco as a source and target system, I have worked on Sales Force, SAP, and Greenplum
    I too searching for the same.

    Many Thanks


  3. Hi Siva,

    I am trying to connect to SFDC from informatica. I am getting the below error. Can you please help me get the issue.

    Message Code: SFDC_31101
    Message: [FATAL] Login failed. User [XXXsds@ddd.sds]. Fault code [SOAP-ENV:Server]. Reason [HTTP error].

  4. Hi Ravi

    Please add the proxy server details in the pmsfdc.ini file.

    Many Thanks


  5. hi shiva ,
    what is the below error, can you provide solution ?
    Message Code: SFDC_31103
    Message: [FATAL] Query More failed. User []. SOSQL

    Query Batch Index [2218]. Fault code [5]. Reason [SOAP Error : [Syntax Error]. Please Contact Informatica Customer support.].

  6. Please re-import the sales force table, Suspecting the columns have exceeded the maximum number of columns that needs to be imported.


  7. Hi Shivakamur,

    I am new to Informatica..

    Salesforce plugin was already registered and installed n the INFA admin console. Upon opening the designer and importing targets to I cannot log in. The error says: Login failed. Error code: [SOAP-ENVI:client] Reason [Host not found].

    Can you help me fix this?
    Many thanks.

  8. Dear one

    This is a known issue, I've already discussed about this issue above along with the solution, Plz change the proxy settings in your client machine as discussed above in my post.



  9. Hi Shiva,

    When i am trying to import Salesforce objects from Designer tool i am getting below error.

    DescribeGlobal failed.Errorcode:[Soap-ENV:Client] Reason:[Timeout]

    I am getting time out error.

    I have already placed pmsfdc.ini file in the bin folder.

    Can you please tell what will be the solution.


    1. This is due to the mismatch between the entries in pmsfdc.ini file on the client machine, proxy host server from IE should match proxy details in the pmsfdc.ini file. Bex you were able to connect from IE to salesforce, The proxy user & proxy password in pmsfdc.ini file have some vulnerability in connecting to proxy server, hence it’s not routing the request to sfdc server. In that case you need to ask the network access team saying whether the credentials are perfect or not.

  10. I am a Salesforce Admin trying to help a client who is changing some processes to use Salesforce's Bulk API.

    They received this error from IPC -

    [ERROR] Bulk API cURL error received. Error message [unknown version: 14.0].

    Are they using an invalid Service URL?

    1. My question is where they are using the sales force URL ? on the internet explorer if that is the case they'll have to use the right version of IE

    2. Informatica Power Center is the ETL tool

  11. Hi Shiva,

    I am getting below error while trying to import (in informatica -> Sources -> Import from objects -

    Login failed. Error code: [SOAP-ENV:Client] Reason: [SSL_ERROR_SSL error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number]

    Please help me to solve this out.


  12. Hi Shiva,

    Are the above steps are used to connect salesforce using an adaptor/connector with Informatica power center?

  13. Hi Shiva,
    How to avoid connection Time out while passing wsdl url in webservices Infomatica cloud,Is it possible to extend the connection time.


  14. Hi Shiva,
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