Powercenter Domain Hung Issues

The biggest pain comes to Informatica Administrators when a domain goes down or a domain crash happens without any possible errors popping up. Below are the couple of quick checks which needs to be taken up whenever you come across this situation.

  • A gate way node is an entry point to the domain in the power center, Any node in the #GRID can serve as a gateway node but at any point of time one node will serve as a master gate way node which holds the application services (Repository Service, Integration Service, Service Manager, Adminconsole).

  • Always the Master gate way node should be started first which serves as primary node which holds Repository service on it and then the backup nodes have to be started.

  • Integration service always runs on all the available nodes in order to dispatch the tasks across the nodes.

  • All the other #gateway node or #backup nodes communicates to domain through the Master Gateway node.
Main causes for the Informatica #Domain hung :

  • Whenever the domain issue comes up please analyze  the following logs (node.log & exception.log).

  • When #JVM is unable to extend it’s virtual memory for object creation you would see the domain crash in Informatica. By default virtual memory is set to 512 MB in $INFA_HOME/tomcat/bin/infaservice.sh script .You'll have to increase the Virtual memory allocation to 1 (1024 MB) GB or 2 GB (2048 MB) ex : INFA_JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx512m" edit this to INFA_JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx1024m".

  • This issue also occurs when there is connectivity issue with the database as we are on the service oriented architecture (#SOA), Data bases (Domain/Rep) will be hosted on another servers. So please verify the connectivity by using the sqlplus user_name/password@db_name.

  • Check the #NAS mount latency whether it’s mounted & connecting fine to Informatica server.

  • Check the number of process running on each of the nodes it shouldn’t exceed the number set in Adminconsole.

  • One of the most major domain hung issue is with the number of open file descriptors. You can increase the maximum number of open file descriptors on the OS (Unix/Linux) by using the ulimit command

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