How to do the connectivity test for various databases from Informatica server.

  • To check the Oracle database connectivity from the Informatica server.
         Step 1: Log in to Informatica server.
         Step 2 : Use the following command to connect to database
          sqlplus user_name/password@databse_name
  • To check the Teradata database connectivity from Informatica server.
       Step 1: Log in to Informatica server.
       Step 2 :  Just hit bteq
       Step 3 :  Use the .logon command to connect to teradata database.
       .logon dbc_name/user_name;
        Password :
  • To check connectivity for any of the databases which are connecting through the odbc entries
        Step 1 : Log in to Informatica Server get  In to the $ODBC_HOM/lib path.
       Step 2 : Use the following command for connectivity test.
       ssgodbc.solaris64  –d odbc_entry_name –u user_name –p password –v
  • To check the sybase connectivity from Informatica server.

     Step 1 : Log in to server.

     Step 2 : Use the following command to test the connectivity.

      isql -Uuser_name -Ppassword -Ddb_name -Sserver_name


  1. I could connect SQL from /server/bin. Are there any helpful operations that we can perform after connecting to sqlplus.

  2. Dear Venkat -

    I would suggest you to use pmrep utility in order to do bulk export of objects.

    Many Thanks


  3. How many ODBC connections are required in total for working in power center designer and workflow manager?
    I am working with sql server. In designer for importing source i am using one source connection and for importing target definition I am using one target ODBC connection.
    In workflow manager, I am using a different source reader connection with a Source DB and a target writer connection with a target DB.
    In total there are 4 ODBC connection. But while executing the workflow, session is getting failed, and giving an error of 'source table' object not found.
    do u feel, is there any problem with ODBC connections?

  4. Shivakumar Krishnagouda PatilAugust 3, 2013 at 7:26 AM

    Dear Shridhar –

    In your case you have Two set of connections not Four.
    Idly we will have to add two connection entries whenever we create any connections in Informatica

    • One is at PowerCenter workflow manager level.
    • Another one is at server level in odbc.ini file. Before creating any connections at Informatica level odbc entry should be added in server odbc.ini file in case of Unix and Linux operating system.
    In case of Windows Add entries System Odbc profile.

    There error “‘source table’ object not found” comes up in below situations.

    • First one ODBC entry is not matching with the Informatica Connection. The DBC which you have given should be equal to the connection string name in Informatica workflow manager connection.
    • If the respective table is not having sufficient privileges or the table is not existing in database.


  5. for DB2 connection test below is the command:
    db2 connect to user using

  6. Shivakumar Krishnagouda PatilAugust 8, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    Please watch this space for how to connect Informatica with DB2 , Hadoop, Vectorwis DB
    I have already posted for Windows Applications and Databases

    - Shiva

  7. I am having two unix servers, one from informatica another one normal. I am running a file through informatica while using these two unix servers. I am unable to run these two commands at a single command.

  8. Shivakumar Krishnagouda PatilNovember 5, 2013 at 6:04 AM

    It’s possible only when both the severs are assigned to GRID.
    And please enable the “High Availability” and “Concurrent Workflow Run” at workflow properties level
    This enables workflow and task to shuffle between servers.

    Many Thanks



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